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AJBWC forum enhances direct communication of businesswomen


Officials during the forum in Ajman.

Business Bureau, Gulf Today

The Ajman Business Women Council (AJBWC) of Ajman Chamber organised a forum titled “Ambitious” under the slogan “Harvest - Opportunities — Sustainability”.

The forum aims at enhancing the direct communication of businesswomen and to review the plans and programmes of the Council for the year 2020, in addition to providing a platform enriching experiences of entrepreneurs.

Held in Ajman, the forum was attended by Dr Amna Khalifa Al Ali, Chairwoman of AJBWC, Salim Al Suwaidi, Director-General of Ajman Chamber, Nasser Al Dhafari, Executive Director of Communication and Member Support at Ajman Chamber, Aysha Khalfan Al Nuaimi Vice-Chairman of the AJBWC, board members of AJBWC, Shafiqa Al-Amri, Executive Director of the Abu Dhabi Businesswomen Council (ADBC), Hawra Al-Boosh, Secretary General and Director of the Arab Women Pioneers Network and a number of members of ADBC.

In addition, representatives of government and private institutions and 150 entrepreneurs and businesswomen attended the forum.

Speaking to the attendees, Dr. Amna stressed the AJBWC’s utmost readiness to contribute to the “Towards the Next 50” initiative, which was launched by the wise leadership. Such announcement would stimulate all institutions and individuals to continue the path of building and growth, and to work hard and efficiently, she added.

She also stressed the Council’s keenness to communicate with its members and entrepreneurs through direct channels, noting that the Forum serves as a brainstorming session that sheds light on the achievements and outcomes of the AJBWC during the previous years. Moreover, it would brief the attendees about its plans, as well as reviewing the creative proposals and ideas generated by the audience, Dr Amna said.

She presented a working paper titled “Harvest” in which indicated that the number of Bedayat License holders reached 310 during three years, while the total number of the license issued by it exceeded 1,000.

Dr Amna further affirmed the Council’s keenness to carry out various initiatives that directly support its members and businesswomen in general in order to enable them practicing their economic activities and expand their contribution to the economic sector. The Council’s initiatives during previous years have been successful, notably “Raiuqi” initiative, which reached 41 since its launch in 2017. It has provided businesswomen members with an opportunity to serve F&B (Al-Raiouq or breakfast) for government employees and customers in the Emirate of Ajman.

She also briefed the audience about “Sayarati” initiative, which provided 9 vehicles for women since its launch, while “Rofoof” initiative has reached 31 since its launch last year.

Dr Amna continued, “AJBWC is committed to supporting its members by constantly organising and participating in specialised exhibitions, along with provides a marketing platform that increases their business growth and sustainability.”

Members of the AJBWC benefited from 23 exhibitions organised and participated in by the Council since 2017. Moreover, it conducted 17 official visits, including 9 in the country and 8 outside the country, in addition to holding 18 workshops and a variety of training programmes in many fields. It also signed 29 memoranda of understanding and cooperation with government and private bodies, since 2017.

Nasser Al Dhafari presented the second paper that came under the theme “Opportunities”. As the Head of the Organising Committee of the Ajman Chamber Business Award, he presented an overview about the award and its goals.  “It aims to stimulate creativity and raise the level of performance, quality of products and services, to pay tribute to achievements and innovations, to highlight the most important leading institutions in various categories to serve as an inspiring examples and a realistic success stories,” he said.

Al Dhafri further explained the categories of the award, namely SMEs, Commercial Sector, Industrial Sector, Innovation, Emiratisation and CSR.

Meanwhile, Aysha Khalfan Al Nuaimi, reviewed the most important initiatives that the Council would launch during 2020. Among those initiatives are “Nowasalk” (we transport you). It provides a small truck through which a businesswoman can market her product easier and better. It would also launch “Deyafa” (hospitality) project, which displays local products in a modern style, and “Anaqa” (elegance) project, which is a sewing workshop, she added, noting that the Council would further organise several specialized workshops in cooperation with experts and specialists.

The closing paper titled “Sustainability” was presented by Abeer Eid Al-Faraj, through which briefed the attendees about the Council’s new building “Riyada” and how it would serve as sustainable platform for entrepreneurs.

On the sidelines of the Forum, a special exhibition was organised for businesswomen to showcase a wide variety of products and services.

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