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Concrete Conference draws 75 exhibitors and over 500 experts


Marwan Bin Jasim Al Sarkal with other officials at the opening of the event in Sharjah on Sunday.

The 3rd International Concrete Conference and Exhibition (ICCX Middle East 2019), which is being organised by Germany’s ad-media GmbH, has launched  on Sunday at Expo Centre Sharjah, amidst the participation of more than 75 exhibitors and 500 international construction experts from all around the world.

The exhibition provides a unique platform to showcase the latest products, solutions, and technology in the building and construction field and offers a wide range of deals that meet the growing construction needs of the region, which is the world’s largest construction markets. The tow-days event which will conclude on November 25, is being held in cooperation with the German Emirati Joint Council for Industry and Commerce,

The ICCX Middle East 2019 was inaugurated by Marwan Bin Jasim Al Sarkal, Executive Chairman of Sharjah Investment and Development Authority (Shurooq); in the presence of Saif Mohammed Al Midfa, CEO of Expo Centre Sharjah, Dr. Holger Karutz, Managing Director of ad-media GmbH, and a number of heads of construction companies, contractors and construction entrepreneurs.

A Wide Spectrum of Exhibitors

Commending those in charge of organizing the ICCX Middle East 2019, Marwan bin Jasim Al Sarkal stated that this year’s edition is featuring a wide spectrum of exhibitors with various specialties, in addition to the broad participation of world and local construction experts, making it a perfect opportunity for learning more about the latest methods and technologies in the construction field.

“The UAE has achieved outstanding innovative milestones in the urban sector, in addition to notable expansion in the use of modern technology in building and construction,” he added.

A Unique Platform for Construction Products

Al Sarkal noted: “The exhibition is enhancing the Emirate of Sharjah’s status in organizing and hosting such qualitative exhibitions which attract all those concerned with the construction industry from companies, experts and down to visitors, who come together under one roof to find out more about the latest products in the concrete and precast industry, amid expectations of investing up to $ 316 billion in this sector between 2019 – 2021 in all GCC countries.”

“The International Concrete Conference and Exhibition has become one of the most significant events globally with a prestigious position on the map of international exhibitions, thanks to its inclusiveness and diversity and the remarkable participation of the world’s most renowned concrete and precast companies, major construction and equipment companies, building materials and engineering offices,” said Saif Mohammed Al Midfa.

Enhancing Sharjah’s Qualities in the Construction Field

He added: “The ICCX Middle East provides a unique opportunity for investors from inside and outside the country to conclude partnerships, make deals, exchange experiences and meet with the best suppliers and equipment experts, as well as to discover all-new future technologies in the construction and architecture.”

“Additionally, this event is constituting a value-added to Sharjah’s status as a perfect environment for launching construction projects and a strategic starting point for investors and business to penetrate the neighboring markets, thanks to the Emirate’s robust infrastructure, flexible legislation environment, and the availability of primary materials, workforce and technical manpower pertinent to the construction work,” Al Midfa concluded.

In turn, Dr Holger Karutz, Managing Director of ad-media GmbH, said: “This exhibition aims to take advantage of the huge potential provided by the markets for the construction sector, provide new and multiple options for contractors and owners of construction projects, and create opportunities for manufacturers and traders of building materials from outside the country to access these markets and take advantage of the opportunities available.”

“Not only that, but the exhibition is forming a pioneering platform for entrepreneurs, real estate developers, and landlords to learn closely about the latest updates in the construction sector, especially in light of the implementation of many large and outstanding real estate projects in the recent years in the Emirate of Sharjah,” he concluded.

The first day activities saw the remarkable participation of contractors and entrepreneurs with a view to learning about the latest high-efficiency construction products, concrete, and steel technologies, as well as environmentally friendly construction solutions.

Furthermore, the attendance of the construction experts from the UAE, Finland, Italy, Cyprus, South Africa, Germany, Netherlands, and Turkey has enriched the event with their expertise and consultations on the 3D printing techniques, efficiency of concrete products, low energy consumption materials, manufacture and repair of concrete buildings, and environmental impacts on concrete and precast, especially hot and harsh environments.

Meanwhile, the Sharjah International Commercial Arbitration Center, known as TAHKEEM, recently organized a panel discussion, entitled “Emergency Arbitration, Interim Relief, and Enforcement: Practical Perspectives under UAE Law No (6) of 2018.” during Dubai Arbitration Week for the third time in a row.


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