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Future of smart education sector discussed at Bett MEA ’19


The main objective of the Bett Global Education Council is for the platform to serve as the think tank of the entire smart education industry.

Business Bureau, Gulf Today

 The Bett Global Education Council, a hub for education leaders to carry the global sector into the future and beyond, was recently announced by Jose Papa, Chairman of Bett Global Series. Papa made the announcement on the first day of Bett MEA 2019, the leading EdTech event in the Middle East and Africa, which took place recently in Abu Dhabi.

Highlighting the vision and mission of the initiative, Papa explained, “The main objective of the Bett Global Education Council is for the platform to serve as the think tank of the entire smart education industry. The council will unite the education industry’s key players in a central location to share thoughts, ideas and exchange vital information that will be pivotal in shaping the future of education on a global scale.”

Papa further added, “The fourth industrial revolution has sped up the world’s transformation, making it essential for education to remain at the forefront of this worldwide cultural shift. The Bett Global Education Council will effectively build upon the progress of Bett MEA 2019, and all other Bett-related global events, to further identify the necessary skills and know-how which 21st century citizens need to maintain sustainability and prosperity among nations.”

Gathering experts from all over the world, the Bett Global Education Council will rely on an abundance of cultures and the expertise of different education systems to advance the sector forward. Accordingly, the council will include smart education vendors, school owners, governmental authorities and education leaders. Papa stated, “The Bett Global Education Council will inject great added value into the realm of global education as it continually shapes the future. Before the first half of 2019 concludes, we will meet with stakeholders of the learning sector to ensure that the council is not a temporary fixture, but instead that it remains an industry staple for many years to come. We are aiming for the full council of prominent figures to be announced in the latter half of the year.”

Papa continued saying, “The council will set an agenda, implement strategies and challenge the status quo of the education industry. It will even challenge Bett’s role in the future of education to ensure complacency is avoided and consistent improvement is cultivated. We dream big because we are aware of the profound relevance which our brand yields. Bett’s heritage and impact suggests that we are capable of going beyond the constraints of a trade show environment, whether it be the 2-day event here in the UAE, the 4-day event in Brazil, or any of the other Bett branded conference and exhibition. We truly believed that the Bett brand can be a global community of forefront thinkers on education throughout the year, and this is the identity which the council will seek to foster.”

Speaking on the MEA region’s unique model for EdTech, Papa said, “The UAE’s Ministry for Artificial Intelligence is a profound indicator that the government and the country’s key decision makers are fully aware of the role that technology is transforming all aspects of our future. Moreover, this acknowledgement of potential as it pertains to smart technology has translated into the current education systems. Classrooms are preparing the youth for jobs that will no longer exist tomorrow, and we are working to ensure smart tools are adopted so that education culture can change for the better.”

Papa elaborated saying, “With the support of similar forward thinking nations and individuals, our aim is for the Bett Global Education to ideally evolve into a smart education marketplace. Through built momentum, we will initiate an international community comprised of experts, education leaders, and service providers to lead in the establishment of a one stop shop for the many remarkable products and services which the industry has to offer.”

 With data being a main pillar of future development, Bett has used the latest technologies and analytic measures to forecast the future of the industry.

Papa stated, “Data is the new oil and its immense value cannot be understated. It has helped decision makers choose the best investments for their national plans and create new trends in education.

“With that said, in the same manner that we have partnered with our worldwide partner of Microsoft to bolster the education industry, the Bett Global Education Council will continue to work hand-in-hand with all entities that are concerned with human development within the sector. Ultimately, our goal is to make the adoption of innovative solutions and creative education methods a global trend.”

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