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‘Pak economy will be strong if operational costs at ports reduce’


A container is loaded on to a container ship in Gwadar, Pakistan. Reuters

Well renowned personality of Maritime Sector Chairman Pakistan Ship’s Agents Association (PSAA), Vice President Pakistan Stevedores Conference Ltd (PSCL), and Former Vice President Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce & amp; Industry (FPCCI) Tariq Haleem says that the Pakistani nation, industrialists and the business community should not be disheartened.

For speedy recovery of economic activities the importance of ports has increased many folds as compared to the past and this is an admitted fact that Pakistani ports have special position for improvement of the country’s economy.

Tariq Haleem said that to keep pace with the modern fast improving world economical development we should immediately provide better facilities at our ports and take steps on war footing to reduce operational costs.

Certain amendments in relevant SRO’s are required to make Gwadar Port and Gwadar Free Zone operational. Huge investment is pending due to delays in the amendments. Afghan Transit Trade issues need to be addressed to bring back our lost revenue generating cargoes.

We believe that with dedication and honesty PM Imran Khan will Inshallah soon overcome the problems being faced by the country and he will lead the country’s economy into a stable environment. In a recent statement he mentioned that the need of the hour is for all of us to provide our trust and support to the present government.

However the government should also take the citizens of Pakistan into confidence to overcome the trust deficit “if any”. For the progress and well being of Pakistan all sectors will have to play their role.

Tariq Haleem said that the present economic conditions demand full fledged support from all sectors to the extent which was never needed before. We will have to put aside our individual interests and work for the well being and progress of our beloved country Pakistan. Imran Khan and his team are making efforts to overcome the problems being faced by the country.

In this situation we have to help provide strongest possible foundation for the success of the steps being taken by the government. We also believe that Ports & Shipping Minister Ali Zaidi is trying to resolve the problems being faced by the shipping sector, planning should be made to upgrade country’s ports (always keeping in mind the ground realities) as they are the source of major revenue earnings.

In the past serious attention was never paid to the requirements of port users resulting in ever increasing problems causing huge extra operational costs which ultimately resulted in negative impact on the country’s economy. If we put in honest efforts on our ports in consultation with concerned parties so that they can fulfil the modern demands then the production costs on imports and exports can definitely be lowered Inshallah.

Meanwhile the National Assembly was informed that Naya Pakistan Housing Authority Bill will soon be laid before the Parliament for approval.

Minister for Housing Tariq Bashir Cheema told the House during question hour, that this authority will provide one window facility to facilitate the private sector to invest in this mega project for construction of five million houses.

He said the Prime Minister has launched the housing projects in Islamabad, Quetta and Okara, and construction work on the sites will soon commence.

Tariq Bashir Cheema said that five billion rupees have been allocated to provide interest free loans to those who cannot build their houses. He estimated that per unit cost of each housing unit under this project will be three million rupees. He said Rs2.7 million will be provided to the people in loans through banks to construct the houses. He said Naya Pakistan Housing Programme will be executed keeping in view the codal formalities.

Minister for Power Omer Ayub told the House that the government plans to install concentrated solar power plants in Balochistan. For this purpose, we are also in negotiations with Saudi Arabia. He said we also plan to establish small water reservoirs in Balochistan.

Omer Ayub said unlike the previous governments, the Prime Minister Imran Khan only inaugurates those projects, for which solid funding is available.

Parliamentary Secretary for National Food Security Muhammad Ameer Sultan told the House that present government has declared agriculture emergency in the country to enhance the productivity of this important sector. He said we have allocated 284 billion rupees for thirteen agriculture related projects to bolster the yield of major crops.

Responding to a call attention notice, Minister of State for Revenue Hammad Azhar told the House that State Bank of Pakistan has started a scheme with the funding of World Bank to provide loans to the farmers below the market rates through microfinance banks. He said nine billion rupees have been allocated for this purpose.

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