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Seminar on ‘Arbitration Seats for Maritime Disputes in the UAE’


The EMAC and ADGMAC seminar in progress.

Business Bureau, Gulf Today

The Emirates Maritime Arbitration Centre (EMAC) hosted its latest ‘Breakfast with EMAC’ seminar in collaboration with the Abu Dhabi Global Market Arbitration Centre (ADGMAC) in Abu Dhabi on Thursday. The session included a plenary discussion about ‘Arbitration Seats for Maritime disputes in the UAE’.

The panel of esteemed legal professionals, sought to shed some light on the advantages of seating an arbitration in the UAE. Moderated by Mrs. Rania Tadros, Managing Partner at Ince & Co. Dubai, speakers Jyothi Mani, Case Manager at Emirates Maritime Arbitration Centre, Gordon Blanke, an Independent Arbitrator and Author of the Commentary on the UAE Arbitration Chapter and Adam Peters, Abu Dhabi Global Market Courts Legal Counsel, each took their turn to highlight the various benefits of specialised arbitration, considerations for choosing a seat for arbitration and to further set aside some of the concerns that industry stakeholders have raised.

“The seat of arbitration is one of the most important considerations when choosing arbitration to facilitate dispute resolution, which is why Emirates Maritime Arbitration Centre saw the opportunity to bring the community together to hear professionals explain the options and application of arbitration seats in the UAE,” said Majid Obaid Bin Bashir, Acting Chairman and Secretary General, Emirates Maritime Arbitration Centre.

Bin Bashir further added, “The Abu Dhabi Global Market Arbitration Centre offers state-of-the-art facilities to parties within the UAE who have the option to adopt Emirates Maritime Arbitration Centre rules and wish to seat their arbitration in Abu Dhabi Global Market. This provides further support to ensure that the local maritime, offshore energy and logistics sectors have access to specialised alternative dispute resolution services and facilities to meet their specific needs”.

 “We are pleased to have partnered with Emirates Maritime Arbitration Centre to bring together industry experts to exchange ideas that promote the legal and alternative dispute resolution landcape, regionally and internationally. Abu Dhabi Global Market will continue to collaborate and promote synergies with Emirates Maritime Arbitration Centre and like-minded partners to encourage knowledge sharing activities for the benefit of the arbitration community. We are also delighted to have had an opportunity to raise awareness among maritime, energy and logistics stakeholders about our progressive arbitral framework and our inclusive state-of-the-art hearing facility in Abu Dhabi Global Market.” said Linda Fitz-Alan, Registrar and Chief Executive of Abu Dhabi Global Market Courts.

The Breakfast with Emirates Maritime Arbitration Centre seminar will be back on 19th September at Emirates Maritime Arbitration Centre’s Dubai-based offices in Dubai International Financial Centre.

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