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Al Faya Lodge in Mleiha desert welcomes guests


The Sharjah Investment and Development Authority (Shurooq) has announced the opening of Al Faya Lodge.

The Sharjah Investment and Development Authority (Shurooq) has announced the opening of Al Faya Lodge, a luxury retreat in the heart of the Mleiha desert and the Mleiha Archaeological and Eco-tourism, offering guests a unique experience combining authentic heritage and modernity, together with premium hospitality services.

The luxury lodge which is a part of the ‘Sharjah Collection’ brand and managed by Mysk by Shaza Hotels, witnessed a huge turnout of visitors eager to learn about the emirate’s culture, traditions and natural hospitality.

With its unique design that recalls traditional as well as luxurious oriental craftsmanship, Al Faya Lodge offers travel enthusiasts looking to explore the region’s most stunning natural attractions, an unparalleled opportunity to indulge in unique tourist experiences and relax in the lap of nature, away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

The retreat provides holidaymakers a chance to experience an authentic Emirati tradition with contemporary touches and explore Mleiha›s history and Sharjah›s deeply-rooted culture and heritage. It also offers guests an exclusive experience of enjoying Mleiha’s rich natural, historical and cultural elements; along with stargazing experience at a crystal clear night sky and getting close with Mleiha’s wildlife and natural dunes.

Originally built in the 1960s, as a focal access point for commuters coming from Abu Dhabi, Dubai and the other emirates, Al Faya Lodge comprises of three stone buildings, one of these buildings was used during this period as a medical clinic, which was the oldest medical centre in the area; and a fuel station, which was also one of the oldest and most important fueling stations in the Sharjah and the UAE for local commuters.One of the buildings was restored and transformed into a boutique, while the other into a restaurant. The design of this project is unique in all its elements, with earthy colours reflecting the general nature of the desert environment surrounding it, but in a modern mould that preserves the identity and originality of the region.

The first building consists of five rooms, including a deluxe room, along with a library, dining room and reception hall. The building on the other side of the road hosts a café and restaurant with indoor and outdoor seating areas. The resort also has an additional building housing a luxury spa and an outdoor swimming pool.

Khawla Al Hashimi, Director of Projects Development at Shurooq, explained: “The unique geographical location of Sharjah and its historically rich environment and natural history allowed Shurooq to implement a strategy that transformed eco-tourism and hospitality experiences in Sharjah and the UAE.”

She continued: “Developing Al Faya Lodge was part of our mission and vision to lead Sharjah’s diverse eco-tourism projects and introduce natural and authentic experiences that perfectly blend history, culture, heritage, leisure and luxury under one roof. These efforts cater to the growing global tourism trends, which focus on investing in eco-tourism services and authentic experiences under a rich and historic atmosphere.”

On his part, Simon Coombs, President & CEO of Shaza Hotels, explained: “Al Faya Lodge is the perfect destination for guests and tourists in Sharjah and the UAE looking to stay at a luxury hotel far from the city noise and close to rich natural and cultural elements of Mleiha.”

He continued: “In-house guests can today indulge in our bespoke services, personalised offerings and experiences carefully chosen to provide a memorable experience on a land that holds memories dating as far as 130,000 years ago. Each of our features and facilities such as the spa, restaurants, rooms and recreational facilities, provide our in-house guests a number of important elements such as privacy, relaxation, blending with nature and cultural experiences all under a luxurious set of services.”

Shurooq recently appointed Shaza Hotels to manage Al Faya Lodge. Accordingly, Al Faya Lodge will be operated under the management of the Mysk by Shaza, a leading brand known for hospitality experiences based on the authentic culture and heritage of the region.

Sharjah is playing a leading role in strengthening its economic diversity in different sectors, particularly tourism, which contributes directly to the UAE’s non-oil GDP.

Driven by a forward-looking approach, Shurooq has undertaken the responsibility to reshape the emirate’s eco-tourism landscape in compliance with the international sustainability standards, through the development of innovative projects and tourism destinations in outstanding locations that reflect its rich Emirati heritage and authentic Arabic hospitality.

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