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Pleasant time


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The long weekends give the public a great opportunity to be with loved ones, family, and friends. One of the times to compose yourself, fix things, and since everyone has their own unique ways of spending the holidays they do what they feel jolly and triumphant.

Amidst the COVID crisis, some would not even mind catching up with friends, hanging out in the malls, or going partying, heading to the beach with selfies on trying to click the best shots.

Now that the climate is pleasant and the weather is cool this is the best time for many of you to head out and spend time enjoying, going for long drives, hopping into the mall to check out the latest in the fashion world, of course keeping social distancing and safety measures in mind and lots more.

This time the world of Expo 2020 took my breath away.

The tour was splendid with myriad events filled with fun and frolic. On the occasion of the UAE National Day, the crowd was enlightened with the Emirati dance that took place for a few minutes.

The place was well manned with security personnel and volunteers handy to assist the public with their needs and requirements.

What was more mind-blowing is visiting a few pavilions with each pavilion denoting a theme immersive cultural experience.

The tour is not over as there is plenty to explore and witness. I will perhaps head down during my day off so I can avoid the throng and savour what each pavilion has to offer.  

Not to mention the hard work and effort put in making this event a grand success is something that we have to be proud of.

This time we pay a fitting tribute to all those who have been working around the clock for us to make things comfortable and convenient right from cleaners, taxi drivers, security personnel, couriers who deliver packages to your front door, doctors, and nurses fighting from the front lines all of them who are decision-makers and leaders in their own merit.

Everyone needs a nap at the end as each of us contributes to this place. As the famous saying goes — “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.”

Since we have approached the last month of the year the delirium is not over as we have Christmas and the New Year just around the corner so the excitement continues which should make us all get decked up for 2022 and kickstart the year with a big bang.

Mathew Litty — By email

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