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Lawyer hires hitman to kill him for insurance payout

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In a typical hollywood style drama a lawyer in South Carolina orchestrated his own death to claim insurance.

Attorney Alex Murdaugh, who wanted to secure a $10 million insurance payout for his surviving son, hired a hitman to shoot him while he was reportedly trying to change a flat tyre.

Investigations shows that the accused lawyer on Sept.4, 2021, two days after leaving a drug abuse clinic, was hospitalised with gunshot wounds

A former client of attorney Curtis Edward Smith was arrested and charged with aiding murder and with conspiracy to commit insurance fraud.

Smith testified during interrogation that Murdaugh gave him a gun himself to kill him so that his son would claim the $10 million insurance payout.

However, Murdaugh survived the shooting on a rural road near his property, suffering a superficial wound to his head.

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