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Fujairah Police arrest Asian for murdering an Emirati and dumping his body behind mosque

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Gulf Today, Staff Reporter

The Criminal Investigation Department (CID) at the Fujairah Police announced that the person accused of killing an Emirati man, whose body was found behind the Eid prayer yard in Fujairah a few days ago has been identified and arrested.

The security teams arrested a 31-year-old Asian man for involvement in the murder of a UAE national last Saturday evening behind the Eid prayer yard in Fujairah, official sources confirmed.

Brig. Humaid Mohammad Al Yamahi, Director General of Police Operations, stated that the competent security teams immediately began investigation into the incident after finding the body of a citizen.

A search and investigation team was formed led by Brig. Mohamed Ahmed Al Sha’er, Director of the CID, to find out the circumstances of the incident especially after the forensic expert had confirmed foul play behind the death, Al Yamahi said.

Brig. Al Sha’er explained that the assigned team examined the crime scene and analyzed the criminal traces detected in the scene and in the victim’s vehicle from which they identified the accused. The latter was arrested in a record time in possession of the stolen valuables, Al Sha’er confirmed.

The accused confessed before the police to killing the victim when confronted with the evidence. He stated that on the day of the incident, he saw the victim’s vehicle stopping but operating behind the Eid prayer yard in a dark area. He surprised the victim by getting into the vehicle from the back door and sitting on the back seat, before threatening him with a gun, which reportedly stole from a villa, to give him what was in his possession.

The accused continued, “At threating the victim with the gun, he scared and got off the vehicle hurriedly, so I shot him, then left him bleeding and fled the scene using his vehicle.”

The accused also said that he parked the vehicle at the seashore in a dark place and stole the victim’s personal belongings, including his wallet and left the place.

He also guided the cops to a place in which he hid the gun used in the crime, Brig. Al Sha’er added.  

Based on the evidence and confession of the accused, he has been detained to be referred to the Public Prosecution. 

Maj. Gen. Mohammad Ahmed Bin Ghanem Al Kaabi, Commander-in-Chief of Fujairah Police, commended the efforts of CID team, praised the vigilance and professionalism of the policemen, which led to identifying and arresting the perpetrator.

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