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Asian gang of fake policemen steal Dhs55,000


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Mohamed Yasine, Staff Reporter

The Public Prosecution in Dubai has referred an Asian gang of fake cops to the Criminal Court over committing a robbery of Dhs55,000.

In detail, the gang of four persons, who impersonated detectives, had robbed an Asian man, while existing an apartment thought to be used for suspicious activity. He complied with their demand to search him and his vehicle forcibly, where he kept Dhs55,000. They seized the money and left the victim handcuffed.

According to the victim’s statement, he was performing his duty and following-up projects supervised by him. Suddenly, he was intercepted by four people, who stopped him and claimed that they are detectives. They drove him into a residential building and searched him, but found no money in his possession, he told the prosecution. They forced him to guide them to his vehicle from which they stole Dhs55,000. They left him handcuffed inside the building, and fled, until bystanders managed to unlock the handcuffs, the victim added.

Through the search and investigation, the security teams were able to identify the burglars. They arrested three of them, while the fourth one is still fugitive. They confessed that they had stopped the victim at one of the suspicious apartments, claiming they were policemen. They claimed that he handed them his money, the Court heard. It was ordered to retain them in custody of the case.

In a separate case, the Court of Appeal in Dubai on Monday upheld the life imprisonment term issued against three Asians for committing a murder crime.

The major convict reportedly came to the country to avenge killer of his brother and he was sentenced to life imprisonment. While the other two convicts, who had been hired by the first one to help him kill the victim in return for Dhs15,000, were also sentenced to life imprisonment. The Court further toughened the sentence issued against the fourth convict from 10 years to 15 years in jail, over helping the killer locate the victim.

The incident dates back to 2005, when the major convict entered the country seeking to avenge the person who murdered his brother. Despite several years passed since the murder of his younger brother, he never gave up to pursue the killer and take revenge on him. He planned, executed and indeed killed his brother’s killer, but could not escape, as he was caught while attempting to flee the country to his homeland.

Earlier, the Criminal Court sentenced the three defendants to life imprisonment, the verdict that has been also upheld by the Court of Appeal with toughing the penalty of the fourth convict. The latter helped the major convict find the victim, as well as providing the second and the third convicts with information about the victim.

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