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Passenger smuggler knocks out female client


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Hamza M Sengendo, Staff Reporter

A passenger smuggler knocked out a female customer and robbed her following a dispute over an unpaid Dhs150 fare. He was referred to the Criminal Court on Monday.

The Asian defendant, a trader, 52, intercepted the Ethiopian saleswoman, 22, as she walked towards a taxi in front of her residence. He charged at her from behind and threw a violent punch on her forehead.

He grabbed her Samsung smartphone worth Dhs800 and ran away, according to her complaint at Al Muraqqabat Police Station. The incident happened at around 1am on August 15.

In prosecution records, the woman narrated that she worked at a company in Rashidiyah area. The defendant befriended her and started ferrying her to her workplace in his Nissan car. He transported her thrice.

During Eid holiday she travelled to Al Ain City. “I spent the holiday there. Over that period he contacted me every now and then saying that I owed him transport fares to the tune of Dhs150,” she explained.

“This came after I told him I no longer wanted him to transport me.” When the holiday ended she returned to her residence at a villa in Al Hamriyah area. A female friend arrived in a taxi to pick her up for a night-out.

She was walking towards the taxi when the defendant showed up demanding to know where she was heading. She did not answer him and continued walking. “He suddenly attacked me from behind and hit my head.

“He grabbed my smartphone from my hand and fled as I shouted,” she complained, adding that her friend contacted the police and ambulance services. Paramedics offered her first aid and rushed her to hospital.

She complained that she sustained a cut on her forehead. A report from the forensic department showed the injury took several days to heal.

A criminal pursuit team apprehended him on September 9. Prosecutors demanded the toughest punishment applicable. The hearing was adjourned till October 24.

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