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CDA launches child protection drive


The first phase of the campaign is being organised in collaboration with Unicef and Dubai Judicial Institute.

Jamil Khan, Senior Reporter

The Community Development Authority in Dubai (CDA) has launched a comprehensive educational campaign about the Child Rights Law (Wadeema) targeting social workers and teachers in Dubai schools along with parents and children.  

The first phase of the campaign, which will last till the end of the year, is being organised in collaboration with Unicef and Dubai Judicial Institute under the theme of “My right”.

The campaign was launched at a ceremony held in The School of Research Science in Al Warqa in Dubai as the speakers said the campaign aims at spreading the legal awareness about the child rights among childcare providers from various sectors, especially the educational sector.

Maitha Al Shamsi, CEO, Human Rights Sector, CDA while talking to the media highlighted the essence of the campaign, “The campaign’s workshops will introduce the UAE Child Rights Law explaining its various articles and details and highlighting several cases about child rights protection, abuse and negligence. The workshops will also educate the participants about the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child that the UAE signed in 1997.”

She further said that spreading the knowledge of children’s rights and the responsibility of each of us in protecting them is a must, stressing that protecting children rights is not only about the children but about also about the safety of society and the prosperity of the future.

“Child protection is a special priority in the national agenda of the UAE, our country is committed to providing a safe environment that ensures serious development for children’s capabilities and talents; we take all the appropriate steps in the areas of health and education and in all fields to meet the psychological, social and cultural needs of children.”

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