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Streetwalker unwittingly welcomes robbers


The photo has been used for illustrative purposes.

Hamza M Sengendo, Staff Reporter

An unemployed woman working as a streetwalker unwittingly welcomed robbers posing as clients inside her marital apartment.

The Asian woman, 32, was on Monday sentenced to six months in prison plus deportation for practising prostitution inside the apartment in Frij Murar area until robbers ransacked it at around 1.30am on February 6.

Three Asian men – a visitor, 23, employee, 27, and labourer, 22 – were jailed for one year for ransacking the apartment, issuing death threats to the streetwalker and her husband and posing as CID detectives that day.

They decamped with Dhs3,500 cash, Dhs500 earrings and a Dhs800 mobile phone belonging to her in addition to her husband’s Dhs1,000 mobile. The Dubai Criminal Court ordered they be deported after serving the jail term.

The employee found her explicit ad on social media. She called him for a Dhs300 meeting. She was with her husband when the employee arrived with the other defendants who also said they wanted her. She welcomed them.

She entered the washroom with him. Thereafter, the trio started combing the apartment for valuables. They restrained her husband. The employee brandished a knife threatening to slit her throat unless she surrendered cash.

The employee claimed he and the others were CID officers. He ordered her to keep quiet and point them to cash and valuables. She refused and he slapped her face. He vowed to kill her and her husband. They gathered the loot and fled.

The husband said he woke up to screams and saw a man grabbing his wife’s neck. He demanded to know what they wanted. The employee pulled out a knife and told him to keep quiet or get stabbed. The husband said he saw the employee entering the washroom with his wife.

During police investigations, the building’s watchman revealed the woman was streetwalking. Sources confirmed this. The woman revealed she did so to cater for her wheelchair-bound husband. And that on the incident date she summoned the employee for a meeting.