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Bogus detective jailed for raiding companies


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Hamza M. Sengendo, Staff Reporter

A man impersonated a detective and raided two Dubai companies trying to extort money from their owners. He must serve three years behind bars, a jury ruled.

The Asian defendant –a public relations agent, 24- targeted two companies in Al Quoz Industrial area at around 4pm on Dec.18, He illicitly used a captain’s military card to pose as a residency directorate officer, read records

He confined two men and a woman and vowed to jail the woman and her mother unless he was paid some Dhs10, 000. Prosecutors said an Arab accomplice –a visitor, 22- escorted him to the scene and abetted the crimes.

Both denied the charges court questioning. The Criminal Court jailed them for three years plus deportation. They appealed. The Dubai Appeals Court has cleared the accomplice but upheld the defendant’s punishment.

In Dubai Public Prosecution and Bur Dubai Police Station records, the defendant said he was facing financial constraints. He wore Emirati attire, placed the card on his chest and went to the scene with the accomplice in a rented car.

He intercepted an Indian man at a warehouse. The latter did not have an ID. The defendant flashed the card, tied and placed him in the car. The accomplice allegedly took his mobile and demanded him Dhs5, 000 for his release.

They drove to a nearby company. The defendant entered its warehouse screaming at workers that he was a detective. He detained an unemployed Pakistani woman for working illegally. He accused her of breaking the law.

He dragged her inside the car as she cried in fear. He returned to the company claiming he was from the residency directorate and wanted to see its owner regarding its trade licence. The owner –a German man- arrived.

The defendant claimed that there was a Dhs52, 000 fine on the company that he would scratch off if he was paid Dhs20, 000. He flashed the card and vowed to jail the woman and her mother unless he received the sum.

He stormed a nearby company shouting at all workers to present their IDs while claiming he was a captain. He claimed there was a Dhs50, 000 fine against the company.  He wrote the word ‘violator’ on its trade licence.

He took its Indian owner in the car, tied him then offered to help him out of the situation against Dhs15, 000. He returned to the German’s company to receive Dhs10, 000 the latter had agreed to pay. Police caught him.

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