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Investor knocks out salesman over insult


The culprit was sentenced to six months jail.

IHamza M Sengendo, Staff Reporter

An investor who broke a salesman’s teeth during a fracas in a restaurant washroom has convinced the Appeals Court to halve his prison term.

The Arab defendant, 31, after abusing alcohol staggered into the washroom of the Chinese restaurant in Al Muraqqabat. He found the Yemeni victim, 44, there and demanded to know whether the latter knew him.

The victim pelted him with an insult involving his mother. The defendant threw a punch in his face rendering him unconscious. He pounced on him and repeatedly battered his face causing three of his teeth to fall out.

The assault left several other teeth shaking. The Criminal Court sentenced him to six months behind bars plus deportation and ordered him to pay Dhs21, 000 in temporary civil compensation for moral and physical damages. 

He later sought a retrial. During a fresh hearing on Jan.27 he confessed but contended he was under the influence of alcohol when the victim provoked him. “He insulted my mother and beat me. I beat him in retaliation.”

The court overlooked his argument and awarded him the same punishment. He appealed seeking leniency saying he was drunk and could not contain his temper. The Appeals Court has cut the prison term to three months.

The victim told police and prosecutors, “I was in the washroom when the defendant came and asked me whether I knew him. The moment I told him no, he punched me in the face and I collapsed. He continued beating me.”

An Egyptian accountant said he heard a fight, rushed and found both litigants grabbing each other. The victim was bleeding from the mouth. The defendant was relentlessly demanding the victim to explain the insult he uttered.

An Egyptian saleswoman said she spotted restaurant customers holding back both litigants. “The victim later picked up his belongings and left while reiterating the insult.” Before prosecutors, the defendant said he battered the victim for cursing his mother and hitting his face.

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