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Milena and Immaculate shine in Hatta Women ’s Kayak Challenge


Winners of the Hatta Women’s Kayak Challenge pose with the officials during the presentation ceremony at the Hatta Dam in Dubai.

Russia’s Milena Mitic and Immaculate Sanchez of the Philippines topped the charts in their respective categories at the Hatta Women’s Kayak Challenge over the weekend.

The first event of its kind in the region, the Hatta Women’s Kayak Challenge was organised by the Women’s Sports Committee of Dubai Sports Council (DSC) and sponsored by Hatta Kayak, with proceeds from the event going to Al Manal Humanitarian Initiative’s ‘teacHER’ campaign.

Saeed Hareb, Secretary General of DSC, was present at Hatta Dam for the Challenge along with Lamia Abdulaziz Khan, member of DSC’s Board of Directors and President of the Women’s Sports Committee.

The event was held over two distances - 700m and 1,200m - and Mitic topped the clock in the longer race with a time of 12 minutes and 32 seconds, while Sanchez was fastest in the 700m in 7 minutes and 18 seconds.

“We are really pleased with the turnout for this inaugural edition of the Kayak Challenge,” said Khan.

“We attracted participants from different age groups, nationalities and abilities, and moving forward, the success of this event – and that of Dubai Women’s Triathlon and Al Marmoom Women’s Cycling Challenge before this – will act as a huge incentive as we plan for more sports events exclusive to women.

“Coming to Hatta for our first women-only event has also opened up a world of opportunities. The participants really enjoyed it here. Hatta, with it’s beautiful but challenging landscape, is ideal for hosting many different kind of sports events and we are certainly looking forward to coming back here with many more events for women.”

The Hatta region has been the focus of attention of the Dubai Sports Council since 2009. The Council has organized many sports events in the city as part of its annual physical activity programs, which has seen residents of Hatta and surrounding areas participate in thousands.

The Dubai Sports Council has also developed an integrated plan for the development of sports facilities in Hatta, with focus on taking advantage of the geographical diversity of the region and turning it into one of the most distinctive sports destinations of the country and the region.

 Hatta Women’s Kayak Challenge was organized as part of DSC’s efforts to boost the exercise of sport and physical activities in general and women sport in particular.

The challenge also supports a full development plan to enhance the region of Hatta and to boost its status as a distinctive tourist destination, taking into account that Hatta enjoys several natural factors comprising mountains, plains and nice weather.

“Like the Dubai Women’s Triathlon and the Al Marmoom Women’s Cycling Challenge, this Kayak Challenge was great opportunity for women,” said Khan.

“The strategic objective of the Women’s Sports Committee is to organise such events for women and create opportunities for them to experience the thrills of competition. With our wise leadership showing us the way, our focus is on empowering women in all spheres of life and encouraging them to take up sports and embrace a physically active lifestyle, which will boost their quality of life and create a healthy and happy community.”

Recently, more than 200 female racers participated in Al Marmoom Women’s Cycling Challenge, organized by Fit Group Co. in collaboration with Dubai Sports Council.

Al Marmoom Women’s Cycling Challenge, the first cycling race of its kind to be allocated for women, supports the fruitful programmes of Al Jalila Children Foundation and took place at Al-Marmoom Conservation Reserve.

In 20km Team Category, Dubai Corporation for Ambulance Services finished the race within 50:19 minutes & won the first place, followed by RTA in the second place within 51:17 minutes, while Gate Fit Check came third within 56:35 minutes.

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