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International community must take action against Houthi militants

Abha Airport

A man stands near a shattered window at the Abha airport in Saudi Arabia. Reuters

The atrocities committed by the Houthi militants against the Yemeni people need to end. It is very distressing to know that even humanitarian aid is not reaching the Yemenis because the militias are looting the aid even before it reaches the needy (‘Houti attack on Saudi airport wound 9 civilians,’ July 3, Gulf Today).

The report recently which revealed that World Food Programme had informed the UN Security Council that the agency uncovered serious evidence that food was being diverted and going to the wrong people in the capital of Sanaa and other Houthi-controlled areas, was very disturbing.

Though the countries of the Arab Coalition, led by Saudi Arabia and the UAE are engaged in continuous efforts aimed at easing the suffering of Yemeni people by providing various developmental and humanitarian inputs, much more can be achieved if the international community would also mount pressure on the Houthis.

On a similar not the recent attacks on Saudi territory are more than dastardly and the Houthis should be made to face justice. The terrorist attack on the airport and residential areas cannot be taken lightly. It shows that they can go to any extent to disturb peace. The Houthis have clearly shown that they have little regard for humanitarian laws by targeting an airport. Because when thousands of passengers of different nationalities from all over the world pass through the gates, an attack like the one which injured civilians could have deeper ramifications globally.

When will the Yemeni populace be able to live in peace? A strong international response is a must. As a citizen of the world I would urge the international community to act swiftly and unitedly against their repeated provocations and work towards bringing peace to the embattled region.

S Farook
By email