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Congress needs to undertake drastic changes


Priyanka Gandhi

The stunning blow in the recent parliamentary elections has pushed Congress back to the drawing board. An exercise like this should have been undertaken by India’s grand old party after the 2014 polls, but better late than never (‘Priyanka plans to revamp party in UP’, June 28, Gulf Today).

It is good that the Priyanka Gandhi is working on a plan to revamp the party functioning across Uttar Pradesh. Though the narrative asserts it is being done keeping in mind the 2022 Assembly elections, it would not be wrong to say that the Congress needs a revamp irrespective, not only in UP but Pan-India.

Gandhi, who is said to be upset with both party leaders and workers in Uttar Pradesh, is expected to infuse young leaders in the party at every level, replacing many senior leaders. Was not the writing on the wall, after the 2014 debacle? The Congress should also rework on the dynasty issue. In fact the CWC should adhere to Rahul’s request on relinquishing his post of party President.

Congress needs to undertake drastic changes, look for alternatives. It better get cracking soon because they will be tested later this year in the crucial state elections in Maharashtra and Haryana.

Vivek Khatri
By email

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