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All talk, no action


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The report about nature and consumption of resources backs all the reports we have seen so far. It’s a climate apocalypse and will definitely pave the way for the apocalypse of the human species. Which is good. The spurt of human population brings to mind algal blooms. It occurs when algae flourish on the surface of ponds when there is an abundance of algae nutrition. But this algae causes lack of oxygen for the other marine creatures thereby killing them. Humans are that algae. And one day the algae nutrition as well as the marine life will be over. And the algae will collapse on itself.

I don’t trust the UN. All talk less action. I don’t see the UN stepping in where environmental norms are made lax in India and NGOs such as Greenpeace are banned. Neither has the UN stepped in where Brazil’s head of state is chopping up the Amazon or where Trump is opening public land for business and using seismic air gun blasts for oil and gas.

The story says that the report was presented to more than 130 government delegations for their approval at Unesco headquarters. But that’s all happened. If countries had to actually follow up on these reports that, I believe, are being presented for decades now, we’d have a better planet. The planet is in intensive care and will die on us soon.

Abilasha D

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