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'We are one through thick and thin'

General Bajwa

General Qamar Javed Bajwa

It is a different Pakistan under the premiership of Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan (“Voluntary cut in defence budget will not impact response to threats: Pakistan Army Chief,” June 7, Gulf Today).

The people of Pakistan salute their Pak Army, which is among the best armies in the world, for its decision on the defence budget.

It is also the first time in the history of Pakistan that the people of Pakistan have an honest and credible government under the supervision of Prime Minster Imran Khan whose vision is to make poor people’s lives better.

I am sure the leadership of Pakistan Army is also satisfied with the present civilian government that the announced defence budget cut by the Prime Minister Imran will utilise resources in the right way for much-needed development in certain areas of Pakistan.

Earlier on Tuesday, Prime Minister Imran Khan announced the military’s decision to slash the defence budget for the next fiscal year 2019-2020 despite “multiple security challenges in line with the government’s austerity measures. He vowed to spend that saved money to fund the development of the merged tribal areas and Balochistan.

I would like to appreciate the statement about the defence cutbacks in the upcoming budget, in which Chief of the Army Staff General Qamar Javed Bajwa said “there shall be no impact on our response potential to all types of threat and quality of life of the soldiers.” He also assured the troops that the ‘no pay raise’ decision applied only to officers and not soldiers, adding that the armed forces would manage the shortfall during the financial year by “tightening our belt.”

He made these remarks on the occasion of Eid as he offered prayers with the troops on the frontline. The Army’s decision to forego the routine increase in annual defence budget is not a favour to the nation as “we are one through thick and thin,” he added.

Ali Bezinjo
By email

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