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‘They have hit rock bottom and started digging’


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There is an amusing saying about failure — ‘they have hit rock bottom and started digging’ suggesting things can’t get any worse and yet we see many examples of the levels to which some people can sink.

In this area we have many inspiring examples, sports people who don’t understand that drugs and cheating are wrong, celebrities that don’t understand what celebrity really means and that it doesn’t involves taking off clothes and world leaders who don’t know how to lead or even play nice.

There are many wise people, laws created after long debates, religious texts that all provide guidance as to how we should lead our lives but there is a simpler version — Don’t do anything that you can’t tell your grandmother about.

This is highlighted by one story of the many over the weekend involving crimes, disasters both human created and natural and political mayhem — a 9-year-old boy selling Lemonade on a sidewalk in Monroe, North Carolina was robbed at gun point. Nothing justifies or excuses this.

Let’s make this the final example of a world gone wrong and look for ways to make it better for everyone, including those you don’t like, those who look different, those that speak differently and even those that oppose you.

Dennis Fitzgerald