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Less said the better

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In the modern world of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and many other apps that I also don’t use there seems to be an increasing number of people insulting each other, often anonymously. An insult, even just one word can cause so much damage.

Most insults are intentional although perhaps perversely I have been the receiver of a number of accidental insults by well-meaning people. I am under 60 but bald, overweight and a bit slow moving. A number of people, most of whom seem significantly older than me offer their seat although I always decline politely. I know they mean well so there is no insult when there is no intent to insult.

The same often occurs when I order coffee and get asked if I want the senior’s discount. Again I ignore the accidental insult although sometimes I accept the discount so that they don’t realise they have ‘insulted’ me.

If only these were the only ‘insults’ that were thrown around as sadly there are too many real insults causing too much harm. As I was told ‘If you don’t have anything good to say then don’t say anything’ and maybe a quieter world would be a better world.

Dennis Fitzgerald


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