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Will truth prevail?


Julian Assange leaves Westminster Magistrates' Court in London.

Julian Assange is admirable because he chose to open up the can of worms that the world hides and the so called powerful leaders are feeling threatened by his revelations and want him behind bars. It’s ironic to see world leaders such as those of the US and UK cheering on his arrest and extradition. The limelight should now point at them — what are they afraid that Assange will reveal? They are after his blood for the secrets he perhaps knows about them or that they think he knows (“Assange should be deported, but not to America,” April 12, Gulf Today).

The world leaders have committed huge crimes against humans and humanity — a president erecting a wall to prevent other humans from entering the country he governs, a prime minister causing division and subsequent lynching in the name of religion, the civilians in Syria being the victims of the war that a foreign power caused, corruption on a huge scale, bad governance and crises in certain countries. And among all this mess, the world leaders are after the blood of one single human being on the planet — Julian Assange. Doesn’t that make him the most powerful man?

I do hope he wins and that he leads a good life — as normal as it can get with the truths that he has to reveal to the world and may he live long to reveal more truths of the same countries and leaders that persecute him. Only the truth can set us free.

Margaret Drake, By email