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The Indians settled abroad are also rooting for Modi.

The eyes of the world are on India’s general elections and the days leading to counting of the votes are filled with nervousness. The Indians settled abroad are also rooting for Modi. I hope Modi comes to power because I believe that would mean that these non resident Indians will make their way home and contribute to the betterment of the country that they are cheering.

Unemployment is the biggest grouse that people have with regards to this government. Thus I appeal to the Indians settled abroad to come and work for their country and in turn generate employment by starting new companies and startups. They can also use the knowledge that they have gained in the respective countries that they are living in and apply the same here in India, the same reasons because of which they had to go the other countries.

It will be a happy moment for us in India as well as those returning to their homeland, when they finally return to contribute to the economy whose growth is another grouse that people seem to have about the government.

I’m a nationalist and thus it makes me very angry that these intelligent Indians are studying in India and then making their careers abroad. Why can’t they use their education and expertise in India to make it into the kind of country that they are living in?

My sincere appeal to all the Indians living abroad — please come back, the country awaits loyal people like you.

Nazim Agha, By email

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