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What is missing is a woman's perspective of a good relationship


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The article about what one gets from a relationship is purely a one sided view. And it is a view purely from the perspective of a man (“Seven things you get from a good relationship,” March 13, Gulf Today).

The article could have been so much more balanced if there was a woman’s perspective to it and then it would have been interesting. I’m not sure if a woman would agree to the same points as the man. And that’s not even my point. The full article is like treating a relationship like a commodity. It’s about what one person ‘gets’ from a good relationship. So that means a good relationship constitutes the above seven or eight points.

If they are missing, that means the relationship is bad? And what exactly constitutes a bad relationship?

Isn’t being in love with the other person the epitome of a good relationship? Does one have to count on one’s fingers and calculate what one gets? Then it isn’t a relationship is it? I go to work because I get money. I may love my job or not.

But if I am passionate about something would I care about what I get? Wouldn’t being passionate reason enough to be with someone and thus call it a good relationship?

I’m surprised that the said man didn’t state that her womb would carry his seed as one of the reasons for it being a good relationship. And the woman? Should she state that a good relationship is when a man provides?

I believe that a good relationship is when people are in love. And that’s enough. Love makes everything better and even the worst relationship blossom.

J Dias / By email