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Man City's move to support women in football praiseworthy


Football is still male-dominated, but the sport is gaining ground among girls.

It was interesting to read of the Manchester City FC’s campaign to encourage females to take up to football professionally (‘Emirati girl becomes part of Man City global campaign,’ March 14, Gulf Today).

Football or any sport for that matter enhances life not only in terms of keeping an individual physically fit but it also adds to the holistic growth of the person. UAE and football go hand in hand.

The Arabian Gulf League is followed with passion by locals and expats alike. And it would be a good addition to also have a similar league for women.

I do understand that the sport is still male dominated, but women are taking to the sport globally and the sport is gaining ground among girls. We see a lot of women following the sport and we even had a few women commentators at the last World Cup.

There are football academies grooming women all over the world and in a few months we will witness the FIFA Women’s World Cup in France.

I would like to encourage Modhi Al Ali in her quest. Hope her dream comes true.

S Pimenta / By email