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Religious fervour


Pope Francis address a mass. File

It’s exciting to see the path that is being paved for the Pope’s visit and the ensuing mass. It is also so inspiring to see the Arabic nation has made every possible effort to make the historic visit a very organised one, with holidays for schools and faithfuls. It says a lot about secularism and the message of faith in these trying times of turbulence and division across the world.

The eyes of the whole world are on Abu Dhabi and rightly so. The commendable efforts of the region to promote interreligious dialog and to organise mass that will be attended by hundred thousands of faithful shows that the region is warmly accommodating of people of other faiths. It is a lesson that other countries must follow.

The Catholic population in UAE is thronging the streets and roads for the Pope’s visit that will leave a mark in history. There is excitement in the air. It feels like Christmas and more. Thank you UAE for making this happen.

Anastasia Andrade — By email

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