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Endless Houthi crimes against civilians, media


The cowardly terrorist attack carried out by the Houthi militias in Mocha against unarmed civilians that led to the death of Ziad Al Sharabi, a cameraman with Abu Dhabi TV, and injury of several others including Faisal Al Dhahbani, Abu Dhabi TV reporter, is a heinous and deplorable act. The international community should act immediately and force the perpetrators to face justice.

Mohamed Al Hammadi, Chairman of the UAE Journalists Association, has rightly called on international media organisations to expose the crimes of the Houthis, which target journalists continuously throughout Yemen, without regard to international conventions and laws that criminalise such immoral practices.

The world community cannot afford to remain silent when civilians and journalists are brutally killed in such a way by unbridled militias.

The Iranian-aligned Houthi militias have done it before and they are doing it again. Using peace negotiations as a tactic instead of commitment, they have been indulging in brazen attempts to derail the peace process.

The repeated Houthi violations of the ceasefire agreement signed in Sweden are indisputable proof that they do not have any respect for international conventions.

It is appalling that the Houthi militias recently shelled the storage depots of relief organisations in Hodeidah, leading to the destruction of food supplies and basic goods intended for the Yemeni people. They deliberately shelled the storage depots with the aim of covering up their looting of humanitarian aid intended for the Yemeni people.

Since the start of Hodeidah ceasefire, the Houthi militias have committed 464 recorded violations, and also broke peace commitments by not withdrawing from port.

There have been many instances of the Houthi militias confiscating humanitarian food aid with a view to sell for profit.

The Iran-backed Houthi militia continues to carry out its crimes against Yemenis by planting improvised explosive devices, mines and mortar shells, with media personnel subjected to systematic criminal campaigns and attacked for exposing their brutal practices and acts of terrorism.

Right from the beginning, the Saudi-led Arab Coalition’s sole intent has been to spread justice and uphold the legitimacy in Yemen.

Through their destructive actions, the Houthi militia and its Iranian backers are proving time and again that achieving peace is not their goal.

The million-dollar question remains how long the international community will remain silent before bringing to account the Houthi militias, which unabashedly engage in such brazen terrorist activities.