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Hapless victims


Flood-affected people are evacuated from Townsville, Australia. File/AFP

It is unpleasant to read about the crisis and situation of the cattle battling the floods in Northeast Australia. It is bad for the cattle of course, because they are innocent and most affected victims of what could very well be a big symptom of climate change and global warming. It has been said time and again, that the planet will see extremes in temperature and seasons (“Drought-stricken Aussie farmers battered by floods,” Feb.7, The Gulf Today).

The drought and the subsequent floods in Australia show just that. But are the cattle or the ranchers to be blamed for this plight? Did they go about cutting trees and make way for global warming? Absolutely not. It is the world leaders who make detrimental decisions and policies which in turn affects various parts of the planet as a whole and cause much suffering and economic loss.

And of course the policy makers will sit in their high chairs and let not the flood waters kiss the tips of their toes and it is the farmer who toils and tills the land along with his cattle who will be the first to be hit along with other animals which are caught unawares.

Ritika Nair — Sharjah

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