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Fallout of bad governance

Venezuela protests

Venezuelan opposition supporters living in Colombia take part in a demonstration to back Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaido's calls for early elections, at Plaza de Bolivar square in Bogota, on February 2, 2019. — Agence-France Presse

The scale of the fall of Venezuela’s economy is huge. As is already reported by so many global publications, there is no value for the Venezuelan currency and along with the spurts of impossible problems this causes, it means that basic necessities are unavailable and unaffordable (“Returning to their roots,” Feb.8, The Gulf Today).

It is thus not surprising to see many Venezuelans returning to the country of their ethnic roots, or rather being forced to return. Portugal itself isn’t rich, in fact it is one of the poorer countries of Europe. That it has to bear the load of this exodus will lend more strain on its already sparse resources including jobs. Many Portuguese themselves have gone on to other neighbouring countries such as France and Spain to find employment.

It seems like Europe is unwittingly dealing with the consequences of bad decisions of other countries —the immigrants from other countries and now the Venezuelan crisis. Sorry state of affairs.

C Ross — By email

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