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Brexit bubble


Pro-Brexit activists hold banners in London. File/AFP

Brexit is a never ending saga and it may continue well after the March 29 exit date. Not a day goes by without a fresh twist, taking Britain deeper down the drain (“British PM to visit Brussels in search of a Brexit deal,” Feb.6, The Gulf Today).

While May shuttles between Brussels and Britain, the country inches closer to its doom, or so it seems. The whole world knows that there is little appetite for a no-deal Brexit in the EU. And as Brussels waits for Britain to set out its plans, diplomats and officials in the rest of the EU are increasingly expecting a delay to Brexit. It was meant to be Britain exit, but it is turning out to be an exit of sorts. It is a strange case of being trapped in a void between an exit door and an entry point.

The current impasse is extremely disturbing. Essential services are being severely hit and in recent days, a host of business houses are planning to shift base from Britain. When a sense of normalcy ever return?

Carol Ross — By email