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Student robs minor’s cash at knifepoint


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Hamza M Sengendo, Staff Reporter

A student intercepted a minor inside a Dubai alley and robbed him at knifepoint. He will be deported after serving a three-month prison term.

The Asian student, 23, with the help of a fugitive accomplice intercepted the Indian schoolboy, 15, inside an alley in Al Rifa’a as he was on his way back home on Oct.29. The student pointed a knife at him.

The victim surrendered for fear of the worst. The defendant slipped his hand in the victim’s pocket and removed Dhs110 from his wallet, prosecutors said on May.13. The Criminal Court has found the defendant guilty.

In prosecution records, the victim said he went to a gaming cafe in the neighbourhood at night. He was walking home when he came across two men. One of them called upon him repeatedly saying ‘Come here boy.’

“I went to him. He asked me my name, personal data and where I stayed. He told the man he was with to frisk me. The latter did so, removed my wallet, took Dhs110 from it and returned the wallet to me.

“He told me his name and told me that he was well known and that in case I encountered any problem I should just mention his name to be saved. He brandished a knife. I got very scared,” he complained.

An Emirati police patrol corporal said Al Rifa’a Police Station received an alert that a schoolboy was robbed at knifepoint. “I was tasked with arresting the culprits. I found the schoolboy at the gaming cafe.

“His mother had also arrived at the scene. The schoolboy narrated that he had left the cafe when two men intercepted him, forcibly frisked him and took his money at knifepoint,” explained the corporal.

“He expressed how he was too young to resist two men. And that he feared they would harm him since they were armed with a knife.” The student recognised the defendant during an identity parade.

Prosecutors had demanded a strident punishment.

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