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Driver in Canadian visa scam incarcerated


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Hamza M Sengendo, Staff Reporter

A driver swindled money from a jobseeker with the prospect of finding him a job in Canada. He later sprayed him with a blurring substance and robbed him.

The Asian defendant, 43, identified himself with a false name and nationality and claimed he had a travel office in Dubai. He convinced the Indian victim, 23, he would find him a Canadian employment visa.

He asked the victim to pay CAD10,000 (Dhs27,500) for the visa, part of which had to be paid in advance and the rest to be allegedly deducted from the victim’s monthly salary after joining work in Canada.

To gain the victim’s confidence, the defendant showed an Indian ID to prove he was also Indian. The victim paid Dhs14,000. The defendant later mugged him and stole his Samsung smartphone and Dhs1,000.

Other men who took part in the crime remain at large, prosecutors explained on April 24. The Dubai Criminal Court has sentenced the defendant to six months behind bars after which he will be deported.

On the record, the victim was in India surfing the internet for job opportunities. He posted his personal data and qualifications on Facebook. An ‘employer’ (the defendant in disguise) corresponded with him.

“He told me he had a travel office and that he was bringing jobseekers from India to Dubai on visit visas then processing for them employment visas in countries including Canada and sending them there.

“The defendant told me the Canadian visa was for CAD10,000. I arrived at the Sharjah Airport on Dec.10. He showed me his ID. He took me to Al Satwa area and showed me a man with who I would travel.

“The man reiterated the same claim. The defendant asked me for Dhs15,000 down payment. I paid him Dhs14,000 that I had. The next day he showed me a paper that he alleged was my Canadian visa. It bore my name, my photo obtained from my passport and a seal of the Canadian Government. I doubted because I thought the visa would take 90 to 120 days. He stopped me from photographing it.

“He told me the visa was expedited because he had connections. He told me I would travel next day and that he would buy me the ticket. I was inside my room at around 5am on Dec.16 when both stormed. The defendant sprayed my face with a liquid. I saw movements of shadowy objects. I later regained my vision only to realise my Dhs1,000 Samsung Galaxy and Dhs1,000 cash were taken,” he complained.

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