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Food firm owner robbed of Dhs20,000


The photo has been used for illustrative purposes.

Mohammad Yaseen, Mahmoud Mohsen, Staff Reporters

A 38-year-old African attacked a food company owner and stole Dhs20,000 from him. The victim withdrew Dhs70,000 from the bank and while he walked, he was surprised with the suspect hugging him and kicking him to the ground.

The suspect then stole the money from his pocket and fled.

The victim told the Public Prosecution he thought the suspect was mentally ill and a passerby told him he had been robbed. He already discovered the money was not in his pocket so he informed the police. The perpetrator was identified by surveillance cameras on the shops at the scene, and he was spotted committing his crime.

The police saw the suspect pursuing an Asian but when he felt he was being watched, he attempted to flee but was arrested.

In another case, 4 Asians attempted to rob a warehouse for general trade using metal scissors but when they found no money or valuables, they fled.

The interrogation revealed the suspects resided in Al Quoz industrial area, where they were arrested. On being interrogated, they admitted to the crime.

In a separate court case the Sharjah Criminal Court heard the case of seven Asian suspects and an African charged with murdering a person and fleeing after committing the crime, following a dispute over the liquor trade. The body of the victim was found dumped in Sajaa industrial area 7 in Sharjah.

The first witness, working for the Sharjah Police, affirmed the police rushed to the crime scene after receiving a tipoff that an unidentified body was found behind a wood warehouse in Al Sajaa area 7, in conjunction with another tipoff reporting an Asian injured in his foot as a result of a quarrel, after which he was hospitalised.

The body was found to be of an African.

A specialist team and the forensic were called upon to complete the legal proceedings.

The witness also affirmed after the examination of the body and the scene of the crime, it was found that the murder was connected to the injured Asian in the hospital. The first suspect guided to the others, confessing that they assaulted the victim with iron cylinders and accordingly the seven suspects were arrested. The second witness, working for the Sharjah Police investigations, said during his work they received the same two tipoffs.

He affirmed that an earring stained with blood was found in the vehicle belonging to one of the seven suspects. The DNA analysis revealed it belonged to the dead man and that iron cylinders were used by the suspects in the crime.

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