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Executives jailed for swindling phones, internet


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Hamza M Sengendo, Staff Reporter

A female sales executive and a male colleague implicated in swindling mobile phones and internet services worth Dhs250,000 were on Tuesday jailed for one year.

The Asian executive, 30, and Arab colleague, 33, were working for a telecom company under an employment services provider tasked with promoting and selling telecom services inside a shopping centre in Bur Dubai.

The executive was provided with a username and password to use. She connived with the colleague to abuse her fiduciary duties. He forged copies of national IDs, credit card data and salary certificates, it was said.

He cooked up sixteen applications attributed to nine ghost clients. He fixed signatures attributed to those clients. He handed them to her. She signed them and stamped them with the stamp belonging to her workplace.

Both abused their positions to access the telecom company’s e-system using the executive’s eligibilities. They entered 16 purchase orders of the 9 ghost clients in addition to 33 orders attributed to 30 ghost clients.

They, in the interest of a fugitive mastermind, swindled 37 iPhones and 15 Samsung smartphones along with their SIM cards of the monthly billing plan worth Dhs135,000, which were used to steal Dhs110,000 services.

Prosecutors sued them on Mar.19 accusing them of forging 49 e-documents and swindling phones and services. Records showed they confessed. The Dubai Criminal Court jailed them for one year plus deportation.

The telecom company’s Emirati audit officer testified that he and his workmates were doing a quarterly audit task when they discovered that services to 52 SIM cards were severed after their owners defaulted on bills.

“All the SIM cards had been processed at the employment services provider’s branch inside the mall using the female executive’s eligibilities. Dhs250,202 worth phones and internet packages were availed of,” he said.

The auditors contacted the executive’s workplace for original application forms and personal documents of the supposed clients to ask them why they defaulted. “We were provided with documents of 17 clients.

“The documents of 35 clients did not exists. This showed the person who processed their transactions faked data in the e-system. Moreover, the credit card details and documents of the 17 transactions were fake.”

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