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Project tackles insecurities of new parents


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Jamil Khan, Senior Reporter

A project #ThisIsParenthood aims to counter a culture of perfect parenting, by documenting the realities through a uniquely honest lens and start a more open and candid conversation around parenthood that inspires self-belief in parents.

The initiative to screening a documentary to a group of new parents was kicked off by Waterwipes, the world’s purest baby wipes launched at Al Jalila Cultural Centre for Children, Dubai.

Cecile de Scally, Lead Parent Educator, Malaak Mama and Baby Care interacted with mums at the event and encouraged them to share their own real moments of parenthood thereby tackling the insecurities commonly felt by parents in the first year of parenthood.

#ThisIsParenthood consists of a collection of real narratives with parents in their first year of parenthood. The stories captured in the 16-minute documentary aim to portray real parenting like never before; talking openly about the highs and lows of the parenthood journey. In partnership with mums, dads and BAFTA nominated director Lucy Cohen, #ThisIsParenthood aims to normalise more open, honest conversations and inspire self-belief in parents from the UAE and worldwide.

The films were created by Lucy Cohen, BAFTA nominated director and new mother, who comments, “As a new parent, this project really resonated with me. It is easy to understand how parents can feel a bit lost or alone within those early months. It can feel as though there are a whole host of expectations from the outside world as well as the pressure a new parent inevitably puts on themselves to get it right first time. It was a privilege to work with such inspiring parents across the world and I am grateful to all of those who willingly shared their reality. I hope the conversation extends far beyond the films themselves.”

Through #ThisIsParenthood, WaterWipes aims to be an agent of change, where conversations around parenting are sincere and true to life, thus bringing parents together through these realistic shared experiences. The brand hopes that the conversation around parenthood can be changed for good, beginning with getting rid of taboo topics, the shame and the unrealistically perfect pictures of parenthood on social media, so that parents have the confidence to talk honestly.

Cecile de Scally, Lead Parent Educator, Malaak Mama & Baby Care, UAE and experienced midwife said, “#ThisIsParenthoodproject by WaterWipes is an initiative that shines light on real parenting like never before.

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