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Labourer tries to kill chef over livestock feed


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Hamza M Sengendo, Staff Reporter

A labourer jumped inside vehicle and ran over a chef during a heated argument over livestock feed inside a pot at their sponsor’s house, a jury heard on Tuesday.

The 58-year-old Asian defendant loathed the cuisine of the Asian chef and wished that the latter quit. He usually threatened to run over him to death for preparing and serving unsavory meals, the Dubai Criminal Court heard.

On Jan.2 the chef put food waste inside a pot and asked the defendant to feed it to the sponsor’s livestock. The defendant argued that the pot was dirty and questioned why the chef put the waste inside the pot in the first place.

They traded obscene insults with each one involving the other’s parents. The defendant entered the sponsor’s vehicle, accelerated, knocked the chef and ran over him, breaking his arms. He then reversed with the aim of killing him.

The murder bid fell flat after the chef’s workmate stood between the vehicle and the chef who struggled and managed to run away. Prosecutors referred the defendant to the court charging him with attempting to murder the chef.

He denied and contended that he disputed with the chef and the dispute erupted into a fight. "I inflicted him with injuries by mistake. I did not have any intention to kill him. I was driving away when I knocked him." The ruling will be on May.21.