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Labourer, policeman acquitted of bribery

Dubai courts

Dubai Court building.

Hamza M. Sengendo, Staff Reporter

A labourer and a policeman who embroiled in rivalry over loan money in what was perceived as a bribery incident have been cleared by the Dubai Appeals Court.

The Asian labourer, 25, complained against the Arab corporal, 28 for having taken Dhs1, 000 from him and failed to keep his promise to help find him a driving licence through illegal means. Prosecutors charged both with bribery.

The Criminal Court imprisoned both for six months and a Dhs5, 000 each after which the labourer will be deported. The labourer argued, “He asked me for financial assistance. I gave him a loan but not a bribe.” The cop also denied. The Appeals Court cleared both.

On the record, the labourer said assailants intercepted and beat him injuriously in May. He was admitted to a hospital in Al Baraha. A corporal inside the hospital’s police office processed his medical report.

After healing, he visited the corporal’s office and they engaged in a discussion during which he revealed he was a poorly-paid company worker and that he had applied at a driving school to obtain a licence.

The corporal claimed he had a friend at the school who would help prepare him a bogus driving test and issue him a licence. Days later, the corporal claimed his friend wanted some Dhs1, 500 to help.

In July, the corporal showed up at the labourer’s residence. The labourer made a Dhs500 down payment and paid Dhs500 a week later. The corporal promised to talk to the friend at the driving school. When it was taking long, the labourer contacted the corporal. The corporal started stalling and at times claimed that his friend was not present at the school. He then blocked the labourer’s number.

The labourer walked into a police station on September.17 and complained to an Omani warrant officer. The corporal on being questioned said the labourer befriended him after obtaining his number from the office door.

“I later contacted him to lend me Dhs500. On Nov.17 he contacted demanding it back. I told him I was on my way. Shortly, the police station contacted me,” he explained and expressed willingness to refund.

The corporal placed the Dhs500 on the police station’s table but the labourer refused to take it on grounds the corporal wasted his time. The officer in charge raised the matter to concerned authorities.