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Drug abuser jailed for kicking policeman


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Hamza M Sengendo, Staff Reporter

A drug abuser who thrust a kick on the chest of a policeman during a standoff will spend five years behind bars, the Dubai Criminal Court ruled.

The unemployed Arab defendant, 31, possessed with the intention of using 7.64 grammes of heroin stashed inside a plastic box and heroin saturated in a 0.2 ml liquid he filled in a plastic syringe.

He also had four pills of the psychoactive drug Carisoprodol. He consumed 6-monoacetylmorphine, Morphine and Codeine on June 11, Al Muraqqabat Police Station records showed.

Police dispatched an antinarcotics team to apprehend him. He choked, punched and kicked the Emirati policeman, 23, leaving him with injuries on the chest and neck, the policeman complained.

He punched and kicked an Emirati corporal, 36, inflicting injuries on his neck and the arm. In court he denied the assault and confessed to drug possession and abuse charges. He will also pay a Dhs50,000 fine.

In prosecution records, the policeman said that following an alert that the defendant had and was abusing narcotic and psychoactive drugs the Antinarcotics Department dispatched him and the corporal.

They spotted the defendant outside the gate of his house in Hor Al Anz, zeroed in on him and told him to surrender. He ran away. They chased and seized him. He resisted and kicked the policeman on the chest.

He punched and kicked in all sides to foil the arrest and escape. They subdued him and walked him towards his house to search it. They were about to enter when he grabbed the policeman’s neck, inflicting injuries on it.

He punched and kicked them. They subdued him again, combed the house and seized suspicious pills and powder plus consumption tools including seven syringes, four spoons and a razor -all stained with meth and heroin.

Both cops went to hospital for treatment over assault injuries. Medical reports showed the policeman had neck, stomach and facial injuries. The corporal had neck and right wrist injuries.