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Court asks Asian gang to pay Dhs200,000 fine


The court sentenced eight Asians to three years and six months in jail.

Mohammed Barakat,  Staff Reporter

SHARJAH: Sharjah Criminal Court sentenced eight Asians to three years and six months in jail, and obligated them to pay Dhs200,000 to the family of the victim who they killed and robbed.

An official of the consulate of the deceased’s country, presented an attorney to represent the parents of the victim, demanding the payment of the Diya, in return for waiving retribution.

The case dates back to an earlier time when the suspects stopped the victim on the highway, stabbed him with a knife aiming to murder him, and then stole his money. After being hospitalised, the victim died in the hospital.

The court had faced the suspects with thee charge of murdering the victim after stabbing him with a knife and robbing him, but they denied the charges.

In another case, recently, The Sharjah Criminal Court  ruled death penalty for killers of a supermarket owner. The victim’s heirs refused to waive retribution or accept the blood money “Deiyah,” according to Mohammed Barakat.

The case dates back to the time when the central operations room at the Sharjah Police was alerted about a supermarket owner found drenched in blood struggling with death in Maysaloon, Sharjah. He had allegedly been stabbed in different parts of his body by two Asians, who stormed into his shop due to financial differences.

The victim was sent to hospital in an attempt to save his life but he died.

In another case, recently, The Criminal Court of Fujairah sentenced an Asian to death on charges of murdering the wife of a UAE national, in her forties, in the White Village in Al Faseel area of Fujairah.

The defendant murdered the victim and wounded her two children and the maid, with a knife. Investigators and the forensics team found that the victim, her 11-year-old son, her nine-year-old daughter and the 29-year-old maid were stabbed with a sharp tool, causing the death of the wife, due to serious injuries.

The criminal department then caught the killer in less than half an hour. During interrogation, the defendant admitted the crime, and then fled.

In another recent case, The Ras Al Khaimah Police found the body of an Asian in his fifties in Ras Al Khaimah Creek.

According to Brigadier Abdullah Mankhas, Deputy Director General of Police Operations at Ras Al Khaimah Police General Headquarters, the operations room received a report at 6.30pm that the body of a man was found in Ras Al Khaimah Creek.