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Expired driving licence leads driver to jail


A Khaleeji man has been sentenced to two years in jail.

Amir Al Sonny and Muna Al Badawi, Staff Reporters

FUJAIRAH: A Khaleeji man has been sentenced to two years in jail and slapped with a fine of Dhs10,000 over drug abuse, the Criminal Court of Fujairah ruled on Tuesday.  

According to police records, the convict was fortuitously stopped while driving his car by a traffic patrol to check his driver’s licence. The driving licence was found to have expired. Consequently, the man was detained and interrogated. He was then subject to a laboratory test, where he was found positive to psychotropic substances consumption. As a result, he was referred to the concerned authorities for further legal action.

In a separate incident, the Court looked into the case of another Khaleeji man accused of driving a vehicle with no number plate. He was caught by a traffic patrol in the emirate of Fujairah on Corniche Road. He too was detained and referred to the judicial departments.

Cyber crime

The Al Ain courts of law fined a young man Dhs3,000 after a woman had filed a complaint against a stranger who posted an obscene photo of her on her account on Snapchat and insulted and threatened her.

According to the official records, the woman filed a complaint with the police station after receiving the photo and the voice chat in which the defendant insulted her via the same social networking site. The woman’s complaint included the young man’s Snapchat account number from which the obscene photo was posted. The woman requested the court to take strict legal measures against the young man.

The man in his twenties was summoned and interrogated after he denied the charges against him and was told of the incurred penalty. He said he had no relation with the woman and that he did not know her. After being shown the victim’s posted photos, the young man said he did not know anything about her and did not know why the woman alleged he posted the obscene photos and insulted and threatened her.

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