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Visitors jailed for Dhs500,000 villa robbery


The Dubai Criminal Court jailed them for one year plus deportation.

Hamza M Sengendo, Staff Reporter

DUBAI: Two visitors implicated in breaking into a Dubai villa and decamping with gold jewellery and precious watches worth Dhs500, 000 will spend one year in the dock.

The Asian defendant, 32, and accomplice, 31, with the help of a fugitive man burgled an Emirati family’s villa in Al Warqaa area at night on Nov.30.2017 and fled abroad. They were later arrested and sued on Mar.10 this year.

Prosecutors said that the trio broke in using a crowbar. They entered the complainant’s bedroom and used the crowbar to smash a safe open and remove jewellery, gold, women’s wristwatches and four men’s wristwatches.

The valuables belonged to him and his wife. The trio also decamped with his son’s passport. Both the defendant and accomplice confessed before the police. The Dubai Criminal Court jailed them for one year plus deportation.

On the record, an Emirati sergeant narrated that the defendant upon arrest said he and his accomplice came to the UAE with the intention of waging burglaries. They and the fugitive took a taxi to the villa in question.

They examined and confirmed the internal lights were off. One of them repeatedly rang the bell until he and the others confirmed there was no one home. The defendant and the fugitive scaled the fence to the villa’s yard.

The accomplice remained outside watching the situation on the streets.

 The defendant and the fugitive climbed into a balcony and accessed the villa through the balcony’s unlocked door. They climbed to the second floor.

They broke into the bedroom, smashed a safe and removed valuables. They took the same taxi to their residence in Dubai International City, wrapped the loot in tinfoil, carried it in suitcases, fled to their homeland and sold it.

The sergeant added that the accomplice gave a similar confession and acknowledged having kept a watch outside while others broke in. They spent half an hour inside and returned with items that they sold in their homeland.