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Businessman nephew jailed for burglary


A businessman and his nephew will spend three years behind bars.

Hamza M Sengendo, Staff Reporter

DUBAI: A businessman and his nephew implicated in a Dhs280, 000 burglary will spend three years behind bars with an accomplice, the Criminal Court has ruled.

The Asian businessman, 42, an unemployed Arab nephew, 40, and Asian friend (a labourer, 34) took part in the robbery of cash from a plaster and tiles company’s office in Nakheel area at around 2am on Nov11. The labourer after befriending the businessman sought his help in burgling an office illicitly being run as a money exchange shop. The businessman tasked the nephew with posing as a cop. The nephew involved two fugitives.

They stole the money and three phones belonging to the company owner, in addition to a Dhs560 mobile, a Dhs50 mobile and a wallet containing a driving licence, an ID, an ATM card and Dhs200 cash belonging to a driver.

The nephew and both fugitive cohorts broke in posing as CID detectives, mugged two drivers and a builder and smashed drawers before fleeing with valuables in a getaway car, according to records at the Naif Police Station.

The Dubai Criminal Court convicted the nephew of burglary and convicted both Asians of abetting it. The nephew skipped court questioning. Both Asians denied directing him. Both will be deported after serving their prison term.

An Indian driver, 26, said the company owner tasked him, his compatriot colleague, 35, and builder, 33, with sleeping in the office (studio flat) to safeguard the Dhs280, 000 which was worth labourers’ salaries and office rent.

“We had slept there for three days. I woke up to the sound of a door being broken. Three men including the Arab man in question who was wearing brass knuckles forced their way in. I shouted for help and dodged his punch.

“However, he injuriously slapped me and I collapsed. His cohort tied my hands with plastic codes. They covered me with bedsheets. I heard doors and drawers being broken. The sounds lasted for around ten minutes,” he said.

The colleague gave a similar account and said, “I also shouted for help. The Arab man repeatedly punched my face with brass knuckles. I fell. My face swelled. Our hands were tied to our backs. We were covered with bedsheets.”  

The builder said, “I also shouted. The Arab man punched my head and mouth and I fell. I sustained a forehead cut and a swollen mouth. His cohort tied me and covered me with bedsheets.” The driver used a knife to cut the plastic codes and used it to free his hands.