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Trio locked up for Dhs160,000 robbery


Prosecutors demanded the toughest punishment applicable.

Hamza M Sengendo, Staff Reporter

DUBAI: Three Asians who broke into a house and conducted a Dhs160, 000 robbery must serve their six-month prison term and deportation penalty, a jury ruled.

The unemployed defendant, 38, colleague, 29, and countryman, 38, used a screwdriver to smash the lock of a house in Silicon Oasis at night on Oct.6.2017, prosecutors explained on Jan.6.

They snatched Dhs40, 000 and a Dhs120, 000 men’s watch. Prosecutors charged them with trespassing into the house’s yard, smashing open the sitting room door and decamping with the valuables.

During Dubai Criminal Court questioning they all denied as they shook heads and asked to be cleared. They presented a joint defence memo. Prosecutors demanded the toughest punishment applicable.

The court sentenced them to six months behind bars plus deportation. They sought to challenge the ruling. However, the Dubai Appeals Court has overlooked their arguments.

On the records, the complainant filed a complaint at Al Qusais Police Station. Police dispatched an Emirati lieutenant among a team to investigate the robbery. “We discovered the trio was behind it.

“They were arrested over a series of robberies they conducted in Dubai. The defendant during police interrogations said he, his colleague and countryman were the ones who ransacked the complainant’s house.

“That night they went to Silicon Oasis searching for soft targets. They confirmed there was no one inside the house. He and the countryman jumped over to the yard while the colleague kept a watch outside.

“They snatched cash and a watch then fled,” said the lieutenant. The colleague also confessed and confirmed they were with the countryman. Both went with cops to the house and explained how they burgled it. A report from the Dubai Police Department of Forensic Science and Criminology showed the door lock was forcibly opened with a pointed tool, particularly a screwdriver seized at the crime scene.