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Sharjah children’s event fetes young innovators


A special honouring ceremony was organised for the children.

SHARJAH: Sharjah Children Biennial, the international cultural and artistic platform that celebrates children’s creativity and imagination, honoured 14 children from the UAE, Saudi Arabia, UK, China and Ireland who, through their innovative and artistic mindsets won jury’s votes during the month-long event that concluded on March 20.

A special honouring ceremony was organised for the children and attended by Nashwa Al Ghassani, Vice President of SCB; Aisha Ali Al Kaabi, Director of Sharjah Children, representatives of Biennale sponsors in addition to young innovators and several media representatives.

The honorees included 9-year-old Ahmad Rami Yehya, from the UAE, who was recognised for his invention ‘Smart Trolley’, and Noorelhuda Darweesh, 12, for a ‘Waist Umbrella’ invention. Meanwhile, ‘Fishing boat without a fisherman’ by 10-year-old Mohammed AlTonaiji was a winning invention, and 12-year-old Suhaila Shareef Saad was honoured for her ‘Miracle Chair’. The ‘Solar Spray Fan’ innovation won 10 year-old creator Shama Mohammad Al Kaabi an award. The ‘Tornado Skates’ invention by the UAE-based Taym Omar Ibrahim, 15, also won an award.

From Saudi Arabia, Rayan Jalal won for his ‘Box Invention’, while 8-year-old Alia Sultan Al Abdeli‘s invention ‘Agricultural scarecrow’ put her on the list of winners as well.

From Britain, Thomas Devleen won for a ‘Worry Shredder’. Maja, 8, was recognised for her ‘Sweet Walker’. A ‘Dog Flyer’ invention by 8-year-old Bernard was also a winner. Meanwhile, 8-year-old Maisy was also a winner for her ‘Love heart jacket’ creation. From Ireland, 9-year-old Rosa Holmes was a winner for her ‘Memory-o-Matic’. Yiran Wang from China has won an award for his ‘Scarf Bag’ invention.

The awards comprised a collection of creative art tools, colouring and craft sets, and more to ensure the edition’s winners continue to explore their creative capabilities. SCB also presented tokens of appreciation to all children participants residing in the UAE, who had their inventions displayed at the exhibition.

During the event, Nashwa Al Ghassani delivered a speech in which she stressed that SCB’s message is focused on creativity and nurturing an environment where children are introduced to art forms at an early age, in order to grow and become creative individuals in all fields.

“When we talk about the continued accomplishments of SCB, we cannot but stress the important role of Her Highness Sheikha Jawaher Bint Mohammed Al Qasimi, Chairperson of Rubu’ Qarn for Creating Future Leaders and Innovators, in supporting and ensuring each edition of SCB contributes uniquely and valuably to children’s and youth’s development journey. She is a strong advocate that the first step to building communities with a bright and prosperous future is investment in human capital, and offering them the tools and environment to enable the same.

“Creativity today is a necessity for advancement and nurturing cultures and knowledge. A creative person with the appropriate skillset is destined for a prosperous future and plays an influential role in his field of work. SCB does not end with the curtains coming down. On the contrary, the real work begins when children head back to their schools, homes, and their day-to-day activities. Here lies the challenge, how will each child utilise the knowledge gained during SCB in his daily routine? It is the responsibility of the family and the whole community to nurture them and support them to continue on creative path,” said Al Ghassani.

Over the course of 30 days, the biennial saw 48 artistic works and inventions from six countries at Mughaider Children’s Center for Arts.

SCB’s organising committee has announced that they received 3,494 art submissions from 13 countries, by children and young adults in the 6–18 years age group, each proposing an invention idea to tackle a future challenge. The UAE took top spot in the number of qualifying submissions which stood at 17.

The UK took second place with 11 submissions. China was third with 10 works. Ireland participated with 6 submissions, Saudi Arabia took part with 3 submissions, while Argentina participated with 1 entry. Theme-wise representation of the submitted works include 24 under ‘Helping Others’, 12 in the ‘Environment’ category, and the third theme, ‘Entertainment and Creativity’ is represented by 12 invention ideas.