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Dubai Police surprise inmate with prosthetic limbs, wheelchair


The humane treatment I received from Dubai Police is hard to find in other countries, says inmate

Hamza M Sengendo, Staff Reporter

Dubai Police surprised a 60-year-old inmate with prosthetic limbs and an electric wheelchair before he could return home, police revealed on Thursday.

He had served his sentence but on grounds of his circumstances police decided to offer a helping hand, explained Brigadier Ali Al Shamali, the Director of the General Department of Punitive and Correctional Establishments. 

“The Arab man was entered into jail with one of his legs already amputated due to diabetes. He was serving his jail term at the establishments when complications saw the other leg amputated as well,” said Brig. Al Shamali.

“We helped him as per directives of the Dubai Police Commander-in-Chief Major General Abdullah Khalifa Al Marri and Assistant Commander-in-Chief for Criminal Investigation Major General Khalil Ibrahim Al Mansouri.

“The Humanitarian Services Committee purchased artificial limbs and an electric wheelchair for him at a financial cost of Dhs35, 880 through ‘Return of Hope’ initiative, launched on the occasion of the International Day of Happiness.”

On his part, the inmate thanked the United Arab Emirates Government and people for assisting needy persons and thanked Dubai Police represented by the establishments for their attention, keenness and assistance to all inmates.

He explained that he had been diabetic for a long period time. His left leg was amputated in Dubai in 2015. The other was amputated in 2018 while he was serving his punishment at the punitive and correctional establishments.

“The humane treatment I received is hard to find in other countries. Usually after jail, one is released or deported immediately and institutions don’t provide for treatment or assistance. What Dubai Police did is unbelievable.”

Brigadier Ali Al Shamali stressed the keenness of the Dubai Police General Command to comfort inmates through various initiatives and programmes in cooperation with charitable institutions and organizations, and kind persons.

He appreciated the role of the Humanitarian Services Committee which contributed to solving numerous problems of inmates of various nationalities, especially those whose cases deserve financial or in-kind assistance.

The Humanitarian Care Department last year assisted 5, 485 inmates with Dhs8, 133, 691 worth monthly salaries to hard-up families of inmates, accommodation rent, tuition fees for inmates’ children and treatment fees for their families.

Some was spent on releasing those stranded over debts and fines, purchasing tickets and eyewear, organising and launching initiatives to alleviate the financial burden of their families, including Ramadan events, Eid clothes and Children’s Schoolbag (school supplies).

This, in addition to other forms of assistance which reflect police interest in humanitarian and social work aimed at supporting this category of the society, instilling values in them and reforming them before their release.