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Cook confesses before prosecution over threats


The victim filed a complaint at Al Rifa’a Police Station.

Hamza M Sengendo and Ihab Atta, Staff Reporters

DUBAI: A cook insulted, vowed to amputate and kill a manager if he did not stop going after his wife, a jury heard on Wednesday.  

The Asian defendant, 36, sent several messages to the Indian manager, 33, containing threats to kill him inside a shopping center in Dubai or elsewhere in Dubai and cut off one of his body parts, prosecutors told the jury.

He sent the threats via Whatsapp and followed them with a statement demanding him to leave his wife. He also posted a barrage of insults against the manager and his mother. He vowed to sexually assault him and her.  

The incident happened in October last year. The victim filed a complaint at Al Rifa’a Police Station. Prosecutors presented to the Dubai Criminal Court documents containing the inappropriate words and statements he used.

The manager complained that he sent him a string of messages via Whatsapp allegedly threatening that “I will kill you in Dubai. I will kill you in (he mentioned a mall in Dubai)” then vowed to cut off a body part.

The manager said the defendant meant to stop him from talking to or coming close to his wife. He threatened to abuse him and his mother. “I was struck with fear and panic. I think he may implement the threats,” he expressed. A Yemeni police sergeant testified that the defendant on being confronted with the accusations confessed to have sent Whatsapp messages to the victim. And that they contained foul statements and death threats.

The defendant’s smartphone contained voice notes full of insults. Records showed the defendant confessed before police and prosecution investigators. Judge Fahd Rashid Al Shamsi set April 10 for the next session.

In an earlier case, a cook knifed a workmate to death inside another mall for contacting his wife. This court jailed him for 25 years plus deportation. He sought mercy but the Appeals Court upheld the punishment.


Dubai Criminal Court acquitted five suspects of different nationalities of fraud and seizing more than Dhs3.6 million from a businessman who invests in digital currencies.

According to the case papers, the victim said he had received a call from a friend telling him that he knew five people wanting to buy digital currencies from him.

He added that after coordinating with the five suspects, they met in an office where they showed him Dhs3.6 million which they counted.

He added, “I trusted them and consequently transferred about 150 digital currency through my mobile phone to the phone account of the fifth suspect. However, they did not transfer or give the amount in Dirhams.”

The fifth suspect’s lawyer explained to the court that the report about the crime was malicious, indicating that the victim made up the story to acquire the mentioned amount, from his client.

He pointed out the case papers did not include any evidence affirming the alleged transfer.

He added that the telephone conversations between the victim and the fifth defendant were not completed either. It did not contain any information indicating that the transfer had been completed. He added that his client did not deny that there was a transfer of funds between him and the victim. However, the story majorly differed than the details stated by the ‘victim’.

The case papers contained a pledge written by the fifth suspect mentioning he needed about 9.2 million Chinese Yuan and asked the victim to transfer those to his account in a bank in China.

He committed to transfer him an amount of Dhs5 million. However, the businessman did not transfer any amount.

The lawyer said with regard to the digital currency, it cannot be transferred through mobile phones as claimed by the victim. He added that, this kind of transfer requires a financial brokerage office, which receives 1 per cent of the total value.