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Breastfeeding programme launched


People attend a session of the Breastfeeding Guides Programme.

SHARJAH: For the thirteen-year in a row, the Breastfeeding Guides Programme 2019 will kick off with an aim of qualifying the housewives, female employees and those who are interested in breastfeeding affairs to obtain a certification of breastfeeding guides.

The programme is organised by the Friends of Breastfeeding Association of the Health Education Department at the Supreme Council for Family Affairs.

The programme will be running in both languages Arabic and English.

Based on scientific and community foundations accredited by local and international authorities and organizations, the training programme will be presented by a group of experts of female doctors, female breastfeeding advisors and female breastfeeding guides in addition to female nutritionists, female health educators, and female pharmacists.

The programme will be carried out under the supervision of female employees and volunteers of the association.

It will continue for 13 days divided into 3 days weekly during the month of March and April 2019, with the participation of around 11 Arab female trainees and 11 English-speaking female trainees as well.

The programme consists of 40-hour theoretical content and 15-hour hands-on at hospitals and medical centres.

The female trainees will obtain a certificate of breastfeeding guide during the annual ceremony which will be held in October.

The programme seeks to educate mothers on the benefits of breast milk and its importance in connection with the religious and psychological aspects. Furthermore, the programme aims at providing mothers with diverse information about the importance of breast milk and its benefits for the child and mother alike, as well as understanding the needs of the newborn, and breast milk components, in addition to hazards of quitting breast milk and risks of formula milk as well.

In her speech on behalf of Eng. Khawla Al Noman, Head of Breastfeeding Friends Association, Heba Zakoot, Breastfeeding Guides Programme Supervisor, said: “The association is proud of the females participating in this programme, as new members of the association and they are nominated to undertake great volunteer assignments in order to achieve the association objectives.”