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‘Strong values equal to quality life’

strong values

At the opening ceremonies of the “GCC Pharma Regulatory Summit 2019” in Oberoi Dubai on Monday.

By Mariecar Jara-Puyod/ Staff Reporter

0DUBAI: Ministry of Health and Prevention (MoHaP)-Public Health Policy and Licensing Sector assistant undersecretary Dr. Amin Al Amiri on Monday equated open-mindedness, strong values and strong leadership with quality life.

Al Amiri impressed the message to regulatory bodies officials, drug companies representatives, and pharmacists from the Middle East attending the March 11 to 12 “GCC Pharma Regulatory Summit 2019” in Dubai.

In attendance at the opening ceremonies was Dubai Health Authority- Specialised Healthcare Services Sector chief executive officer Ahmed bin Kalban.

In his keynote, Al Amiri said, “Great leaders are the ones going to decide. You have to comply with national guidelines. It is your values (that  determine the) prosperity of your countries.”

He encouraged the delegates who aim at providing public health systems with faster access to medical innovations.

Al Amiri stressed that through all their respective positions in their respective companies, they must always bear in mind to prioritise patient’s safety.

He said that with it comes innovation which is not only limited to the research and development (R&D) of new drugs or therapies but any idea or technology for everyone’s good, as well as accountability and excellence by conscientiously becoming the leader in the truest meaning of leadership.

Al Amiri illustrated this through the “Expansion of Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Capacities: An Outlook form the United Arab Emirates.”

He praised God for blessing the country with a leadership who values life.

The talk is about the journey of the nation towards quality life and quality healthcare system from a decade back.

It considered the ballooning population expected to be at 11 million in 2021 twinned with rising burden of non-communicable diseases which has cost the government $852 billion and which public-private partnerships want to whittle down to $1.32 billion at the minimum by educating everyone regarding the hazards of unhealthy food and lifestyle at the least.

It is also about the UAE aspiration to become a medical tourism hub whereby memoranda of understandings/agreements have led to top-notch health systems from the US and South Korea establishing or managing top-of-the-line tertiary hospitals.