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Woman in fatal robbery locked up


DUBAI: A female robber implicated in a case that saw her peer fall to death in a botched escape has been sent to spend two years in the dock.

The unemployed African defendant, 34, teamed up with the (deceased) compatriot mugger to confine a Saudi visitor, 38, at around 3am in Oct.2018. The visitor locked up the mugger and vowed to call the police.

The mugger fell to her death from the building’s balcony during a frantic attempt to escape, prosecutors told the Dubai Criminal Court on Jan.29. The defendant will spend two years in the dock to be followed by deportation.

Both ‘streetwalkers’ summoned the man for a physical affair. They forced him to strip, photographed him and threatened to disseminate the photos on social media sites unless he surrendered cash. He gave them Dhs1, 500.

They demanded more, tortured him and threatened to kill him. He fought back and scuffled with the defendant until outside the apartment.

He locked the mugger inside. The defendant fled the scene. She denied the charges in court.

The man complained that a woman on social media sent him her photo and called him for a Dhs1, 500 massage service. He went to her apartment. The defendant opened for him. He asked for the woman who sent him her photo.

The defendant locked the door and stripped. The mugger showed up and started video recording and taking photos of him with the defendant. They demanded cash and threatened to publicise the content on social media sites.